Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Former USCIS Director talks about Immigration Myths

Despite the fact that we are a nation of immigrants -- or perhaps because of it -- immigration continues to be one of America's most contentious topics. The new law in Arizona authorizing police to arrest individuals who cannot show documents proving that they are in the country legally has set off a fresh bout of acrimony. But as in the past, much of the debate is founded on mythology.

In The Washington Post DOris Meisner talks about the myths of immigration reform
From 1993 to 2000, she served in the Clinton administration as Commissioner of the INS, then part of the US Department of Justice. Her accomplishments included reforming the nation's asylum system; creating new strategies for managing US borders; improving services for immigrants; and shaping new responses to migration and humanitarian emergencies. She first joined the Department of Justice in 1973 as a White House Fellow and Special Assistant to the Attorney General and then served in various senior policy posts at Justice, including Acting Commissioner and Executive Associate Commissioner of INS.

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